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Briar Hill is located about a mile North of downtown Freehold. You can find us on Dutch Lane Road, between route 79 and East Freehold Road. The school and camp has about 10 acres of wooded and hilly land, including an open ball field in the middle for sports and special activities.

You really need to see our facilities and meet our staff to really understand how special Briar Hill is, but you may get a glimpse of what we do through the panarama photos, picture tours and descriptions below and throughout our website. Use your mouse to scroll or pan right through the photos to see one of our school classrooms, our playgrounds, and our camp pool area. Some of these photos are large and will take extra time to load. Please be patient, they are worth the wait.

School Classrooms
Our school has five roomy and well-stocked classrooms for our two year pre-k program. Each classroom has a private viewing area where you see your child’s progress without disturbing the class.


Main Playground and Summer Waterpark


Lower Playground and Zip Line

Each camp group meets in their own area, each in a permanent, air-conditioned building. The groups use their areas for arrival and dismissal, but also for games and special activities. Pre-K thought 1st grade campers meet in our main building (visible when you drive in), which is also a nursery school during the rest of the year. Our older campers meet in the Bunny Barn (where we also have bunnies? actually no, it is just a nickname).

Beautiful mature trees that provide shade in many areas surround our camp. We have a natural amphitheater, where we have camp shows and special events under the shade of our tall trees.

We have two pools, which are both heated. We try to maintain 85 degrees. Some have asked us why we heat pools in the summer time. If you have ever gone swimming in the morning on a cool summer day, you already know the answer. Instead of depending on the weather, we set the pool temperatures so that our pools are delightful all day long, all summer long.

Our shallow pool is about from 2 feet deep so our youngest campers can stand up. We have a large waterslide that twists down quickly to deposit you in the one end. It is very popular with all our campers, from the pre-K to the 5th grade.

Our deep pool has large 3 foot deep area for instruction and deeper water for advanced swim lessons and diving practice. The diving hopper is 10 feet deep and has 2 diving boards including a 1 meter board. There are racing lanes for competitive swimming. The slide in the deep pool is for advanced swimmers, since it doesn’t gently drop you off like our blue slide. The green slide is much faster, and it is popular with our older campers. We also have a “log” in the deep end where campers challenge other campers with nimble foot work to cause the other camper to loose their balance and fall off the “log”. Both the “log” and the green slide are an incentive for campers to pass their “deep water” test so that they can try them.

We have many other permanent attractions on our 10 acre property including a zip line for smaller campers and a larger climbing wall/zip line for older campers. We have 2 playgrounds, a gaga pit, basketball court, a softball/tee-ball field, a soccer field, a volleyball court, a large pavilion for lunch, games, and special events, a dedicated arts & crafts building, and porches on our main building large enough to handle special events on rainy days. All our activity and camp group buildings are air-conditioned for comfort on hot days.

Pool Area

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