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Our History

Previous Camp PoolBriar Hill School was started by Dale and Betsie Lynn in 1968. They started Briar Hill School in their home, and purchased the property on Dutch Lane Road a few years later. Camp Briar Hill was started in 1976, and for the first nine years operated with the main building, one pool, the playground and ball field. But we grew as people liked our philosophy and our focus on younger campers.

There was a major expansion in 1985 when we added a second pool, a giant waterslide, expanded the parking lot and addCamp Lesson Pooled the Bunny Barn. (The name comes from all the rabbits that make their home around the building and in the woods. You won’t see them much in the Summer, however, because of the all the campers.) The Bunny Barn is geared towards older campers, which also allowed more space for younger groups in the main buildings.

There was another expansion in 1993 when we added the office on the front of the main building, the Gym Barn and a maintenance building. An advanced water slide for our deep pool was installed in 2000. All the buildings were air-conditioned in 2001. For the 2004 season we doubled the size of our main pool. The new pool has a 10 foot deep diving hopper and space for a second higher diving board. The investment in the facilities continues to this day with new equipment being added annually.

You might also find it interesting that our history goes back way before 1968. Regularly, historians and students visit Briar Hill. Documents and journal from the revolutionary war era indicate that Briar Hill was one spot where the British armies camped before the Battle of Monmouth. Even the British agreed that Briar Hill is a perfect setting for a camp!

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