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Camp BBQs/Orientation

Mark your calendar and don’t miss your child’s camp orientation or barbecue. It is a great opportunity to talk more with your group leader and counselors, along with food, fun and special activities.

Our Junior Campers (Pre-K, K, and 1st grade) have orientation before camp starts on Saturday, June 24th. This helps the younger campers become familiar with camp. Exact times will be published in June. We have fun and special events scheduled for each group.

Our Senior Campers (2nd through 5th grade) have after-camp barbecues during the summer. Campers stay for a special extended camp day with food, fun and special events scheduled. We have hot dogs and chips for the kids around 5pm. Parents can come at 6pm and join their children for desert. The barbecues end at 7pm. Dates are published on the camp calendar.

3 Day campers (Tues, Thurs, Fri) have their barbecue on a Tuesday.
3 Day campers (Mon, Wed, Fri) have their barbecue on a Wednesday.
2 Day campers (Tues, Thurs) have their barbecue on a Tuesday.
4 or 5 Day campers are welcome to come to both barbecues, but typically pick one or the other.

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