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Camp Tipping Guidelines

Each year we receive requests for a tipping guide. Tipping is customary to express your appreciation for a job well done by your child’s counselors. Having said that, it is also a personal decision and we want to make certain that there is no perception that tipping is obligatory. Because we get so many requests for a tipping guide, we offer the below table as a suggestion. This table lists a per day tipping amount that can be multiplied by the number of days your child attends camp.

Please note that there are two groups of people that contribute to your camper’s care.  They are the people in your camper’s group and the specialty teams (primarily swimming, sports, and crafts).  The specialty teams tipping pool is divided between approximately 30 people and the suggested amount works out to approximately $0.07 per person per camp day.

Position Suggested Tip
per Camp Day
Group Leader $1.90
Senior Counselor $1.10
Junior Counselor $0.90
CIT # 1 $0.90
CIT # 2 $0.90
CIT #3 (pre-K only) $0.90
Specialty Team Tipping Pool $2.00

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