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Briar Hill Swim Levels (PDF) 

Welcome to another fun-filled and exciting summer at Camp Briar Hill! The pool staff is looking forward to helping your child develop and improve his/her swimming skills.

You will be receiving an email indicating your camper’s swim level, swim instructor, and instructional swim time.  Swim levels are based on American Red Cross levels which are then divided into two or three sublevels. This allows for plenty of growth throughout the summer. If your child completes the level in which he/she has been placed at the beginning of the summer, you will receive an email update. Please refer to the above swim chart and emails that you receive to follow the skills that your child’s swim instructor will be covering for a particular level.

Campers must pass our deep water test to be able to use the deep end of the big pool.  The deep water test will require that a camper jumps off the diving board, treads water for 30 seconds, and swims across the deep end without distress. This will ensure the safety of all campers at Camp Briar Hill.  Level 3, 4 and 5 swimmers will have the opportunity to deep water test during the first week of camp. All level 1 and 2 swimmers will need extra practice during instructional swim before attempting the deep water test. Because your child’s swim instructor would like to get to know your child as a swimmer, it will be at the swim instructor’s discretion to deep water test those campers throughout the summer.

We have an open-door visiting policy at Camp Briar Hill and encourage you to watch your child during instructional and/or free swim at your convenience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at camp. Thank you very much and have a wonderful summer!


Yaniv Hamdi & Micah Lynn – Pool Managers

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